614.4 million Women in India ensure safety for women tourists

from Travel and Tour World, Aug 26, 2013

india womenIndia is one of the largest populated countries in the world with a population of over 1.27 billion people. With nearly half of her population being women, the country has one of the largest woman populations in the world at around 614.4 million.

According to the NCRB, 24,923 rape cases were reported countrywide in 2012 in India. A shocking number, definitely, isn’t that a trend worldwide? Are not women being assaulted all over the world? Actually women are safe in India just like they are in any other part of the world….maybe more so if statistics are to be believed.

The Minister of State for Tourism for India, K. Chiranjeevi has said in a recent statement that his ministry has launched a sensitization campaign called “I respect women” which is about according due respect to women. Chiranjeevi informed about the Government of India’s efforts in ensuring safety of women tourists in India.

Of course we cannot rule out the few incidents that have occurred recently which brings shame to mankind where women were treated with brutality by men. But the question remains to be answered, are these brutalities only specific to India? Does no other place in the world report or cite instances of rape, violation or abuse towards women?

Tourism statistics suggest that negative news about the safety of women has had an unfavourable impact on inflow of foreign tourists in any country. This negative publicity flared up by some media sources is responsible for making people worried about safety issues for women travelling to India.

Women have always been regarded as inferior by certain men who derive unknown pleasure in hurting them, but let us not be blind and draw an overstated inference that women in India particularly are unsafe.

Countries like South Africa lead in crimes against women. Of every 100,000 people 132.4 women are raped in South Africa, while the number is 63.5 for Sweden and 28.8 for UK. USA also has a figure of 27.3, Australia 28.6 and New Zealand 25.8. Compared to them India has a figure of 1.8

Do we infer from all these incidents that these places are unsafe for visitation by women? Surely not— it cannot be denied that the battle a woman has to fight is extremely difficult in the world at large and that happens at every level of her growth. But let us not weaken the fairer sex by declaring that a country where so many women reside with dignity and character is unsafe for them. India is as safe as any other part of the world for woman so please let your rational judgement awaken before you too start believing in such a generalized idea.

Name of state
Total population/ Number of women


Tamil Nadu 62,110,839/ 30,842,185

Chhattisgarh 20,795,956/ 10,343,530

Orissa 36,706,920/ 18,094,580

Goa 1,343,998/ 658,381

West Bengal 80,221,171/ 38,733,477

Assam 26,638,407/ 12,850,608

Rajasthan 56,473,122/ 27,091,465

Gujarat 50,596,992/ 24,252,939

Maharashtra 96,752,247/ 46,417,977

Uttar Pradesh 166,052,859/ 78,586,558

Delhi 13,782,976/ 6,212,086

Women tourists are travelling to remote Indian villages regularly and they return with memorable and good experiences. A few cases do not mar the entire nation.

Every incidence of violence or rape reported is taken up with strict action by the law enforcement agencies of India and the assailant are subjected to adequate punishment just like it happens anywhere else in the world. India must not be singled out as being unsafe for women. Visit India, it is for everyone who respects culture, heritage and people.