Meet Our Specialists

Sharleen Dickson  MCC
Travel Planner/Lady on the Go


To say Sharleen is “well traveled” or that she is “passionate about her career” would be an understatement.   With over twenty eight in years in the travel industry, she takes every opportunity to travel to new destinations. Her travels include Europe,  Australia, Britain and Ireland, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya,  Israel, Mexico, India,  Morocco, as well as Canada and the USA. Cruising is a must – from river cruises in Europe, China and Russia to the usual cruises like the Caribbean, Alaska, around the British.Isles and 66 days around South America, into Antarctica and up the Amazon. Latest adventure – Vietnam and Cambodia.

Wanting to share the love of travel, Sharleen, along with her daughter Alice, in 2007 started “Ladies on the Go” a travel club for ladies who like to travel and have fun. Many ladies are hesitant to travel when they are going solo. Sharleen and Ladies on the Go encourage all women to travel and experience the world. Sharleen believes that life is short and it is your turn to have some fun.

Sharleen is a Master Cruise Counselor, adventure travel specialist, along with many cruise certificates, tour company certificates and an Instructor Diploma from Vancouver Community College. Sharleen believes that learning is a life long commitment and traveling is an education in the world.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the places and moments that take our breath away” -anonymous

Alice Dickson
Travel Planner/Lady on the Go

Like her mother, Alice is well traveled and has a special fondness for places like Asia, China and her favorite New York City. She has her mother’s bubbly personality and great sense of humor and as a result, she has an excellent rapport with airlines, cruise lines as well as her corporate and vacation travel clients. In support of the agency’s business philosophy, Alice continues to upgrade her talents by taking continuing education courses all in an ongoing pursuit of providing excellent service to her clients. With over seventeen years in the travel industry she is particularly skilled in securing the best possible fares and value added travel arrangements. Now add to her experience hosting the Ladies on the Go to Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and India. Alice has also experienced Europe coach tours, cruising the British Isles and many US destinations.  Just ask her for the best shopping in New York!

Edgar, Office Dog
This is our new little Eddie Ears. He would have grown up to be a show dog, but he was blessed with some rather large ears.

Our latest puppy is not suitable for a show dog – we call him Eddie Ears, he is most beautiful in all ways, except his ears are a bit to big for showing. Like his predecessor, Edgar, our little Eddie likes to sit on the desk and drink tea.  His passion is chasing a ball, so  you must watch for the occasional stray ball to fly by.