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What Women Want (From a Hotel)?

Friday, 29. August 2014, 20:30
By Melanie Nayer ~ Weekly Exclusive – Views On The Latest Trends

According to a Cornell Center for Hospitality Research report titled “Creating value for women business travelers: Focusing on emotional outcomes,” hotels must focus on meeting women’s needs and womenpreferences in order to remain competitive. But, what are those needs? What women want from a hotel doesn’t vary that much from a typical traveler – safety, cleanliness, comfort – but let’s be honest, we’ll often look a little harder to find the details that matter.

While traveling on business, I’ve been shown the room at the end of the hallway because it’s the quietest or offered a parking spot in the garage because it’s less of a wait than valet. While peace and quiet, as well as ease and efficiency, are two of the more important things in travel, these are also some of the riskiest offers for women travelers.  The room at the end of the hallway is likely located next to the emergency exit stairs, making it easier for lurkers and thieves to access to your room. The garage, while helpful, is often dark and not well-trafficked. While hotels do what they can to ensure safety and use cameras to monitor activity, it’s equally important that they ensure women travelers feel safe in their surroundings. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when women travelers check in to your hotel:

If there are women-only wings in your hotel, reserve a room for your women travelers! If not, make sure the room you’re designating to your guest is near an elevator and doesn’t open to a first-floor patio or balcony. The elevator ensures there’s always foot traffic, and a room that can’t be accessed from the outside adds an extra level of safety.

One can’t enjoy a little pampering enough. Sure, there’s something to be said for fancy soaps and lotions in the bathroom, but additional amenities for women will really make a difference between the one-night stay and a repeat guest.

For example, placing good hair dryers, a straightener or a manicure set in the room will show your hotel is going the extra mile to ensure your women travelers are prepped and primped for their big meeting the next day. Place magazines in the room that are targeted to women, or offer a discount for a manicure at your spa.

A nice follow-up note from the general manager or front desk manager of the hotel after a stay is always appreciated. It shows you’re taking the time to invest in your guests — women or men — and are eager to welcome them back for a future visit. Make sure to ask for feedback, and give your guest an email address (not a blind form to fill out) where she can get in touch with any questions or concerns. This little extra effort goes a long way in making women feel safe while on the road.

Topless Tour’ movement inspires travelers to undress

Tour Expi – July 27, 2014

nude tourLike many visitors awed by the beauty of Arches National Park in Utah, Megan Harrod couldn’t resist posing for a photo with the famous sandstone landscape in the background. But she wasn’t going for the usual tourist snapshot

Harrod was seeking what’s becoming a trendy experience for female travelers: a topless photo in a scenic location, shot from the back and widely shared on social media.“Liberating. That’s what it’s all about,” Harrod, who lives in suburban Salt Lake City, told, noting she has posed for similar photos in Maui and the Czech Republic.

The pictures were inspired by The Topless Tour, a popular Instagram page that features travelers unclothed from the waist up in beautiful places. Motto: “Feel the freedom, share your beauty to the world.”  After Harrod, 31, stumbled on the page, she was impressed by the array of people “of all shapes, sizes and generations baring it for the camera in a tasteful and completely non-sexual way,” she said.

The Topless Tour Instagram page was started by two British women — Lydia Buckler, 21, and Olivia Edginton, 20 — and their Norwegian friend Ingvild Marstein Olsen, 20.  The three met in 2012 when they moved to London to study at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance, Edginton told TODAY. After an impromptu moment of going topless on a trip and snapping a photo, they decided to “continue to capture our moments of freedom” and encourage others to do the same, she added.“What is so wonderful is that underneath lays the powerful message of taking pride in our differences and embracing the love for the body,” Edginton said.  “You feel so free, limitless, and (it) allows each person to discover an honest connection with the world we live in and the people we share it with.”

The trio is hoping to collect photo submissions from all over the world for their Instagram page, which has more than 260 posts and over 36,000 followers. The only requirement is that the pictures be shot from the back so that they remain G-rated, and that users include the #TheToplessTour hashtag when posting on social media. Men are encouraged to pose and share their pictures as well.

While Edginton said that so far she is not aware of any participants who have gotten into trouble, travelers should know that being caught nude in public, especially in countries with strict codes of behavior and dress, could result in fines or jail time.

Some famous destinations are cracking down on travelers who want to bare more than their souls on the road. In March, Peru’s Ministry of Culture denounced “any disrespectful act committed by visitors” in Machu Picchu and vowed to increase monitoring after photos of naked tourists at the UNESCO World Heritage Site began showing up online.

That same month, police detained several tourists — including Americans, Canadians and Australians — who were allegedly posing nude for photos at Machu Picchu, according to The Andean Air Mail & Peruvian Times.

Back in Utah, Harrod said she chose a private spot away from the crowds for her photo, while a friend watched for potential onlookers. She posted the picture on her Instagram page and tweeted it to her followers.

“When it comes down to it, it’s a bare back. It’s not a big deal, really,” she said.



Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Sharleen Dickson, Lady on the Go

Girls just want to have fun – what a better way than a weekend away! Mark your calendar for November 29 to December 1, 2013

Do you need to take a weekend break? What about a quick get away with a group of ladies, to Portland Oregon? The coach tour departs from Vancouver, Surrey, pdx shoppand Coquitlam. This tour is great for Moms and daughters, girlfriends or just come along and meet some new friends. Or if you are from another area, Portland is easily reached by air.

We start by crossing the border about 8AM at 176 St. Portland is about a six hour drive. Our first stop is Northgate Shopping Center for lunch or if you prefer skip lunch and shop. Another quick coffee break and we arrive at our destination – Portland in the tax free state of Oregon.

Our two night stay is at the Monarch Hotel, the Monarch offers you wonderful service for your sojourn to Portland. Each room comes with cable TV and in-room movies. A restaurant and lounge, a seasonal swimming pool and a twenty-mile walking/jogging path is also offered. We are right across the street from Clackamus Mall. Not to mention the World Market in the strip mall next door, next to Nordstrom’s Rack. Find foods, wines and all sorts of unique stuff from all around the world at the World Market. Spend Friday night at the mall or even take in a movie at one of the 20 screens at the theatre in Clackamus.

Saturday morning we are up early – well not too early – enjoy your complimentary breakfast before heading out to Woodburn Outlet Mall. Find impressive savings at Adidas, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Cole Haan, Eddie Bauer, Fossil, Gap, J.Crew, Max Studio, Nautica, Nike, The North Face, Polo Ralph Lauren, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, and more at the Woodburn Outlet Mall. Take time for lunch at the Outlet Mall or plan for lunch at our next stop – Washington Square. I hear the Cheesecake Factory is very good. Washington Square delivers an exceptional set of stores and restaurants in gleaming, light-filled spaces. You’ll find an enviable list of stores – from Apple and Ann Taylor, to Coach, XXI Forever, H&M, J.Crew, Oakley, Papyrus, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma and so much more. Need Nordstrom? They have Oregon’s largest. Not to mention Dick’s Sporting Goods, JCPenney, Macy’s and Sears. Ok so all this mall crawling too much – take the Go train to downtown Portland to check out the city. The Go train station is at Clackamus Mall – right across the street.

Sunday morning start with your complimentary breakfast. Time to load up the coach with all the shopping bargains, and start the journey home. To help with the shopping withdrawal we make one last stop at Southcenter, near Seattle for lunch and or a bit of shopping. We arrive at the Canadian border about 6PM. Back to the reality of home, but with a smile on your face as you remember what fun to get away and be you! Because Girls really do want to have fun!

This great weekend November 29 – Dec 1, 2013, is yours for only $369.00pp based on double or have your own room for $449.00. Call 604-659-4176 or email and you are on the coach.



614.4 million Women in India ensure safety for women tourists

from Travel and Tour World, Aug 26, 2013

india womenIndia is one of the largest populated countries in the world with a population of over 1.27 billion people. With nearly half of her population being women, the country has one of the largest woman populations in the world at around 614.4 million.

According to the NCRB, 24,923 rape cases were reported countrywide in 2012 in India. A shocking number, definitely, isn’t that a trend worldwide? Are not women being assaulted all over the world? Actually women are safe in India just like they are in any other part of the world….maybe more so if statistics are to be believed.

The Minister of State for Tourism for India, K. Chiranjeevi has said in a recent statement that his ministry has launched a sensitization campaign called “I respect women” which is about according due respect to women. Chiranjeevi informed about the Government of India’s efforts in ensuring safety of women tourists in India.

Of course we cannot rule out the few incidents that have occurred recently which brings shame to mankind where women were treated with brutality by men. But the question remains to be answered, are these brutalities only specific to India? Does no other place in the world report or cite instances of rape, violation or abuse towards women?

Tourism statistics suggest that negative news about the safety of women has had an unfavourable impact on inflow of foreign tourists in any country. This negative publicity flared up by some media sources is responsible for making people worried about safety issues for women travelling to India.

Women have always been regarded as inferior by certain men who derive unknown pleasure in hurting them, but let us not be blind and draw an overstated inference that women in India particularly are unsafe.

Countries like South Africa lead in crimes against women. Of every 100,000 people 132.4 women are raped in South Africa, while the number is 63.5 for Sweden and 28.8 for UK. USA also has a figure of 27.3, Australia 28.6 and New Zealand 25.8. Compared to them India has a figure of 1.8

Do we infer from all these incidents that these places are unsafe for visitation by women? Surely not— it cannot be denied that the battle a woman has to fight is extremely difficult in the world at large and that happens at every level of her growth. But let us not weaken the fairer sex by declaring that a country where so many women reside with dignity and character is unsafe for them. India is as safe as any other part of the world for woman so please let your rational judgement awaken before you too start believing in such a generalized idea.

Name of state
Total population/ Number of women


Tamil Nadu 62,110,839/ 30,842,185

Chhattisgarh 20,795,956/ 10,343,530

Orissa 36,706,920/ 18,094,580

Goa 1,343,998/ 658,381

West Bengal 80,221,171/ 38,733,477

Assam 26,638,407/ 12,850,608

Rajasthan 56,473,122/ 27,091,465

Gujarat 50,596,992/ 24,252,939

Maharashtra 96,752,247/ 46,417,977

Uttar Pradesh 166,052,859/ 78,586,558

Delhi 13,782,976/ 6,212,086

Women tourists are travelling to remote Indian villages regularly and they return with memorable and good experiences. A few cases do not mar the entire nation.

Every incidence of violence or rape reported is taken up with strict action by the law enforcement agencies of India and the assailant are subjected to adequate punishment just like it happens anywhere else in the world. India must not be singled out as being unsafe for women. Visit India, it is for everyone who respects culture, heritage and people.

Ireland – The Gathering 2013 – Be part of it

The Gathering 2013 is a year long celebration of all things Irish – its people, its unique culture, heritage and rich history! It is about the people of Ireland throwing open their arms and inviting anyone who feels a connection to Ireland to come and visit in 2013! The planning of many local gatherings is well underway, and they are being organised by schools and colleges, special interest clubs, groups of relatives and businesses. In addition to the local gatherings, these gatherings will be supported by festivals that will be bigger and better in 2013.   

So if you have Irish blood, a direct link to Ireland, or have just always wanted to visit, make 2013 the year to come! It’s your chance to be a part of something very special. Go on – Jump into Ireland in 2013 – be part of it!

Irish the World Over
Scattered throughout the world, millions of Irish people, and those of Irish descent, are bonded by blood and by spirit to our tiny island. The Gathering is about reinstating that unbreakable bond through a plethora of events and gatherings, driven by groups and communities of every kind throughout Ireland. Read more

Trace Your Irish Roots
Did you know that in the 18th and 19th centuries, over 4 million people left in island of Ireland, with many travelling across the Atlantic to Canada? Following the Great Famine of 1845, mass emigration occurred, and there are now over 70 million people worldwide who claim Irish ancestry! Considering that only 6 million people live on island itself, that is pretty impressive! Read more

Certificate of Irish Heritage
You’ve found that tangible link to your homeland, now it’s time to make it official! The Irish government is distributing official Certificates of Irish Heritage to anyone who can prove that they have Irish ancestors. Just input information from your family tree, and you’ll receive a document certifying that you indeed have Irish heritage. Read more

Portland Shopping Heaven with NO TAX

Shop till you drop – Clackamas Town Center – Woodburn Outlet Mall

November 23rd is fast approaching – are you ready for the Ladies on the Go annual “shop till you drop” weekend to Portland?  With more stores then ever at the Woodburn Outlet Mall you are sure to score some great bargains. Never heard of Woodburn Outlets?   

Woodburn Company Stores is the largest outlet center in the Pacific Northwest with over 85 stores representing big name brands. Shoppers will enjoy the skylight-covered walkways and attractive Northwest architecture and landscaping.

Then there is Clackamas Town Center with its exceptional shopping, dining and entertainment.  How can a mall with over 140 stores,  located in Happy Valley Oregon,  be anything but fantastic!!

So calling all ladies who love to shop.  This is your chance to  “shop till you drop” .  No tax in Oregan, the Canadian dollar is high,  Christmas is coming, higher limit for return to Canada,  and what the heck you love to shop!

So do not miss the bus – on this 2 night 3 day shopping frenzie.  Call Alice – the” Queen of shopping”  and she will ensure you have a great shopping weekend on this US Thanksgiving weekend. AKA Black Friday!

Details – Ladies on the Go “Shop till you drop”  Weekend is Nov 23 – 25, 2012.  Cost is $359.00pp double, and $449.00 single.  Call Alice 604-659-4176 or 1-877-659-4176

The Mall is calling! Danger Women Shopping bag is just what you need to get your message out and is included.

Russians to invade Edinburgh Festival

This year’s Edinburgh International Festival has a distinctly Russian flavor. The Edinburgh festival attracts artists from all over the world. This year, Tokyo’s Imperial Household musicians will perform ancient Gagaku music.

Russian art will take center stage at the upcoming Edinburgh International Festival, which is to take place from Aug. 9 through Sept. 2. More than one million spectators are expected to visit the festival, whose main focus this year is theater.

The Russian element in the program is by no means small, with the Mariinsky Theater Ballet Company giving four performances of Alexei Ratmansky’s playful and witty take on Sergei Prokofiev’s “Cinderella” (Aug. 30 and 31, Sept. 1).

Talented pianist Daniil Trifonov will make his debut at the festival on Aug. 24, while another pianist, Nikolai Lugansky, who is already established on the international performing scene, will give a concert on Aug. 17.


Mariinsky Theater Artistic Director Valery Gergiev also brings the London Symphony Orchestra, of which he is the principal conductor, to a breathtaking four-concert residency juxtaposing works by Brahms and Szymanowski (Aug. 16, 17, 18 and 19).

On Aug. 24, 25 and 26, the Chekhov International Theater Festival pays a visit to Edinburgh, with Dmitry Krymov’s Laboratory and School of Dramatic Art Theater Production performing the world premiere of Krymov’s provocative interpretation of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

One of the most intriguing items on the bill — the European premiere of the ballet “Tatyana,” choreographed by renowned Brazilian ballet master Deborah Colker and performed by her company — was inspired by Alexander Pushkin’s classic work, “Eugene Onegin.” In the ballet, which is set to an eclectic mixture of music ranging from Tchaikovsky to Stravinsky to Terry Riley, the story is told through Tatyana’s eyes. The company promises “ an intense emotional rollercoaster of the famous tale.”

“Tatyana” will be performed on Aug. 11, 12, 13 and 14.

On Aug. 14, Vladimir Jurowski will lead the London Philharmonic Orchestra in the exclusively Russian program of Denisov, Myaskovsky, Shchedrin and Rachmaninov. The concert also features three Russian opera soloists — Tatyana Monogarova (soprano), Sergei Skorokhodov (tenor) and Vladimir Chernov (baritone).

Mills sees festivals as journeys that inspire artists and audiences who have an interest in their place in the world and their role as human beings. His vision is largely shared by Gergiev.

“This year we have decided to incorporate the New Horizons festival of contemporary classical music in the program of the Stars of the White Nights festival because we feel that expanding cultural horizons is our company’s mission,” Gergiev said.

“As the Edinburgh festival shows, the more effort you put into bringing artistic diversity to people, the better the creative climate it forges at home.


North Pole Expedition Cruise – June 24th, July 5th & 18th

16 Days From $25,000 Per Person

Travelers can defy limits & embark on an epic quest that will take them across thousands of miles of sea ice to the top of the world, the Geographic North Pole. Ideal for those in search of the adventure-of-a-lifetime, this expedition cruise is ideal for those connoisseurs who have seen everything, done it all & been everywhere. They’ll sail across the Barren Sea into the Arctic Circle & finally rest at the northernmost tip of the planet aboard the most powerful icebreaker ever built. Indulgences & adventures include helicopter glacier flights, champagne toasts, polar bear sightings, otherworldly hikes, scientific seminar & a daring swim, this is a truly invigorating journey. More info   Call 604-659-4176 or 1-877-659-4176 to book this journey of a lifetime.