One day trip to the amazing pockets of London

from Travel & Tour , Oct 3, 2016

While planning a one day trip to London, the city’s jocund company and lively vibes is so emphatically felt that it will immediately make you fall for its throbbing passion. But for many, London has been an oft visited destination and the best views, The Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and London Bridge have almost always been covered thanks to chartered tours. Of course there is more to London, london parkswhich none of the chartered trips can help you discover and for knowing a city best, tracking it through long walks or maybe a hop in a bus or tram — which in itself is an amazing experience is ideal! You can also choose the London tube for a one day trip.

London is blessed with marvelous parks that are well maintained and can start off your day on a happy note. The luxuriously green and picturesque spread of St James’s Park and Buckingham Palace which are closely located can add a song to your mind and blithe to your spirits.

You could start your one day trip with a quick breakfast at the Table Cafe or Inn the Park (in St James’s park) which does a full English breakfast with pancakes. However since it’s just a one day trip there is indeed much to see, so you have to be choosy.

The South Kensington is a place that has some great museums. The old iconic shops of Harrods and Hamleys, which are often mentioned by British novelists, are close drops and you could actually get a first hand view of them while you’re there.

You have seen the Westminster Bridge many a times and for some the view that I am about to suggest may also be a regular tour but the view of the entire space in a boat down the Thames is breathtaking. Walking along the South Bank of the Thames is also quite an experience that fills you with charm no matter how many times you do it in a one day trip.

A walk down the northern bank of the river will take you to the oldest part of London. The St. Paul’s Cathedral, The famous Fleet Street, The Strand and Trafalgar Square are modest reminders of the grand British Empire. There is ample scope for photography and the much sort after stone lion at Trafalgar Square will surely fetch a great number of likes in social media from friends.

You can head towards Soho and get a feel of the artistic side of the city. The bold wall graphite and the general appearance of people there will make you wander to a world that has been bitten by art, literature and music. If you are interested in the seedy history of Soho, there is a tour for that too. Soho has good places where you could snap up some lunch.

St Albans, Hertfordshire which is very close to Central London. The cathedral is officially the oldest place of Christian worship in the country. Pubs and restaurants, and the buzzing centre of this thriving market town where this humble monument stands is a great place for a wander at any time of day. So you can try out lunch at this venue.

The Ronald Dahl Museum at Great Missenden may be of interest for some. The Epping Forest is a vast and peaceful expanse giving you a feel of wilderness close to London. You could keep a note of these destinations in your travel itinerary for a one day trip.

In the evening Piccadilly in the West, Holborn in the East and Covent Garden are the best places for theatre. What is the use of being in London if you don’t watch a single theatre? The shows start at 7.30 so be there before time and book your tickets. However if you can plan to book advance tickets it would be good as there is always a rush and you may get left out. There are some restaurants that do pre or post theatre dinners so don’t forget to explore those options.